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Smart Operation

How can new technologies better support the daily operations of police? ​


A huge increasing amount of data is generated in society, every day. All kinds of open data are collected from different places (city, street, houses…) by means of cameras, sensors, IoT,… besides the information available to police. What are the opportunities of these technologies to support daily police operations? ​

To increase the power/strength of the police with the help of sensing technology. In addition, how can this deployment be in proportion with the protection of privacy?

Subset questions include:

  1. How can new technologies be used, in an ethical responsible way, to help citizens and to detect crime? 
  2. How can existing and new data be efficiently and easily made available to police officers in the execution of daily operations? 
  3. How can these technologies help to better protect police officers during the execution of their daily operations? (by for example the integration in their equipment)

Examples include:

  • How can police use sensor-information such as intelligent bodycams, smart wearables, domotics, geolocation… in their daily operations to help citizens and detect crime?
  • How can police intelligently visualise suspicious acts (fights, drug deals…) and objects (vehicles, persons, weapons…) on Belgian territory so that they can anticipate in real time?
  • How can police gain insight/recognize patterns in vehicles so that they can identify various suspicious journeys by means of anomaly detection, pattern analysis, and by means of convoy detection in real time? ​
  • How can SMART wearables on the police uniform warn the police in real time for imminent danger or support the police with additional information?​