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Smart Investigation

How can innovative investigation techniques improve the fight against serious and organised crime? 


There are many opportunities in the field of technology that could provide better support for current investigation techniques. The aim is to find out what these might be and what their potential applicability might be.

Innovation by means of exploring the possibilities of new investigation techniques in order to work more efficiently.

Subset questions include:

  1. How can new technologies be used, in an ethical responsible way, to investigate crime? 
  2. What are the possible counter strategies for police when criminals use new technologies with malicious intent?

Examples include:

  • How can natural language processing facilitate the police work (e.g. radio communication, interrogations, phone tap…) ?
  • What are innovative investigation possibilities to extract intelligence from social medias and other internet channels?
  • How can the police optimize and guarantee judicial evidence by using new technologies to improve digital forensics?