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Smart Interaction

 How can we bring police closer to citizens in a digital era?


The police serves, as a part of society, the citizen. The police wants to be in touch with society and adapt police interaction with the citizens to the new tools they use. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic it became more difficult for police to have physical contact with citizens: what are digital possibilities to interact with citizens? 

Bringing police closer to citizens and improve the match between citizens’ needs and the services provided by the police. 

Subset questions include:

  1. What are digital possibilities for the police to interact better with citizens? 
  2. Are there non-technological solutions (organisational, process, dialogue…) bringing police and citizen closer together?
  3. How can police deliver in a client-friendly way information (e.g. investigation notices, preventive information, how to report…) more efficiently to citizens? 
  4. How can society be involved and participate in policing?

Examples include:

  • How can police be assisted by an intelligent, adaptive, empathic, sensitized chatbot which is capable in translating the need of citizens towards the police?
  • How can police be assisted by robots to share information with citizens?
  • What are digital possibilities to interact smarter with citizens during crises (Covid-19, etc.)